10 December, 2017

They've done it again

I have frequently written about these awful games which have pinball in their title just because they use flippers to hit on a ball. They are not pinballs. I don't know why I keep downloading and trying these games. They are definitely not worth the effort. 

The latest in the series is a game called "Battle Pinball".

One is facing an opponent (who can be the CPU) and try, by hitting on a ball, to make it drain on the opponent's side. Once you play a game you have to watch a 20 second video before being allowed to play again! 

I cannot understand why people are doing this. I am not saying that there are no pinball inspired, non-pinball, games which are not worth their while. Pinout and INKS spring to mind. But they are the two exceptions (along with perhaps ZenDots which is so-so but acceptable) in a quagmire of sh...y games which are slowly polluting the iOS pinball landscape. Anyhow, Battle Pinball is a game with uninteresting gameplay, bad physics and simplistic graphics. We can easily forget about it.

01 December, 2017

Two oldies by FarSight

This time around we were treated to a double feature by FarSight, two great oldies from the 70s. Those who follow my blog know that I have a soft spot for old pinballs. I do like the simple play and unsophisticated tables. The first and oldest of the two is Spanish Eyes

It's a nice pinball and I did like particularly the bumper over the drain lane. It adds an element of suspense to the gameplay because when the ball enters this zone you never know whether you'll manage to get it back into play. But perhaps the best feature of Spanish Eyes is the artwork of the backglass. Have a look for yourselves.

The second table is Wild Card. One game sufficed for the table to join my top list. It is really great. I find the gameplay particularly well balanced. 

The graphics are nothing special but the table is uncluttered and one can easily find a visible ball (this time I chose a yellow one). I managed to score all top scores after just a dozen games and I keep improving. It's been quite some time since I have enjoyed a pinball so much. 

So, do not hesitate, give these two tables a try.

15 November, 2017

FarSight's new record

I have been complaining (for quite some time now) about the scoring bug affecting Big Shot. It's not a systematic one. From time to time the score in the game's counter is not properly updated and there is a 10 k difference between that score and the final one. The problem exists in both the MacOS and iOS version.  

This time I got a new record. Instead of a 10 k difference I got a whopping 40 k one. I don't know of any other game where this does happen (but then I am only playing a handful of tables on a regular basis). However, even if the bug existed only for Big Shot that would still be a shame. In particular since it's been years since I have been pointing this out. But FatSight will always be FarSight.